4m Dove - Light Grey Composite Decking - HR Dek 140

4m Dove – Light Grey Composite Decking – HR Dek 140

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About The Product

Searching for great looking, quality, light grey composite decking – but ideally in a longer length? Then look no further.

Here at HR Composites, we offer 4m composite decking boards for all our HR Dek 140 range. Perfect for larger expanses of deck, helping to minimise joins, wastage – and work!

HR Dek 140 is innovatively engineered as a hollow board with 5 holes offering a high strength board with a premium feel. Think it could be right for you? Order your free sample here.

Why choose light grey composite decking boards?

Grey decking has long been a popular choice and is the go-to colour for outdoor spaces. This attractive shade is hugely versatile and will complement any area, helping to create a modern yet understated vibe.

By opting for grey composite decking boards, you will benefit from the authentic look and feel of wood without the ongoing upkeeping. As, thanks to its composite qualities, boards require virtually no maintenance and will stay looking great for many years to come – no annual painting required here!

What’s special about HR Dek 140?

Manufactured to be smart inside and out, HR Dek 140 is specially engineered with 5 hollows running through the length of each board.

Every 4m decking board also offers a clever reversible design, with a deep grooved ‘wood like’ appearance on one side or the choice of a more sleek, narrow-lined design for those who like to keep things more contemporary on the other. The result of this clever composition is an exceptionally strong board with a high-quality feel and appearance.

Design possibilities

Not sure which finish you prefer the look of? How about using both? Thanks to the ingenious design of the HR Dek 140 boards, you have complete freedom of choice and can alternate the exposed surface of the boards to create an exciting look that’s completely unique to your space.

A great way to maximise design possibilities is to use the same attractive light grey composite decking board throughout but to use the different finishes to create distinction between areas and varying levels – for example using the lined surfaces to mark out the main walkways and grained for a dining or seating area. Subtle but effective and a fun way to personalise decking.

Want to go one step further? If you’re keen to create yet more interest and contrast between your decking zones, how about pairing light grey decking boards with a darker shade? Try our 4m anthracite HR Dual Dek or even black. Not only does this look great but it can also be used as a safety feature – helping to draw attention to any raised edges or steps.

Order your 4m light grey composite decking today

Ready to order your 4m decking boards? Simply select your desired quantity or input your area in square metres for a competitive price, then add to basket and check out. Easy!

Unsure if 4m boards will be too long? We offer the same light grey board in a 2.4m option too. And don’t forget, if you have any questions about any of our decking ranges, you’re always welcome to get in touch with the team.

You can call us on 01695 55 7711, send an email to info@hrcomposites.co.uk or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

As with all our composite decking, we’ll happily supply you with a sample of Dove, light grey so you can be sure it’s the right colour for you.

We’d recommend positioning the sample in the location you intend to install the deck so you can see how it will look in different lights and against different backdrops. House bricks, paintwork, the garden fence, patio flags, shade and sunlight levels etc will all have an impact on how the colour looks – so move the sample about and check you’re completely happy before you commit.

Order a sample now and it will be posted out to you free of charge.

We offer Dove light grey decking in two lengths – 2m and 4m. With a shorter length available in the same range, you can mix and match according to your design and the expanse you need to cover. Plank widths are the same regardless of length, which means combining the two is a great way to minimise waste - and ensure you get maximum value for money!

But why stop at different lengths? You can mix up the colours too.

Light grey decking can look particularly effective partnered with darker shades – check out our 4m Stone/Anthracite decking and black composite decking. Pairing with different board colours not only looks good but is also an easy way to emphasise walkways and highlight edges.

Additional information

There is two natural processes that composite decking will go through:

Extractive bleeding – First 6-8 weeks, wood oils are shocked by rain and moisture in the air.

Suns UV rays – Weather pending, the rate of faded in the first month can be up to 25%.

After the first 3-6 months natural weathering process, the colour fade of the composite decking boards will stabilise.

In HR Composites experience, we often advise our customers that the most noticeable change in colour will be in the first 4-12 weeks after this period the composite decking boards will stabilise to there natural lighter colour.

When picking your decking colour of choice please keep in mind that all colours will slightly lighten over time until they find their weathered colour-tone.

HR composites advise letting the boards acclimate before installation for 48 hours

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Ash (Light Grey)

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HR Dek 140





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T-Clip & Screw - Black (Pack of 100)

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2 reviews for 4m Dove – Light Grey Composite Decking – HR Dek 140

  1. Lisa Whitehall

    Excellent decking, the husband and I couldn’t be happier!

  2. Richard Brown

    We’re really happy with how this decking looks once it has been put down. Our new floor looks fantastic. Great product, sensible pricing and fantastic customer support. Thanks so much.

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Cannot fault the service and would highly recommend I have been delighted with the service from this excellent company. Helpful advice was provided over the phone. The product was just what we needed, we were advised of our delivery date and delivered on time. Outstanding service from start to finish. I’m one happy customer!

From initial ideas to delivery HR were fantastic. The decking was very easy to install, I got 50m2 done in 2 days by myself. I went for the HR Dek 140 in Ash, it really lightened up my garden.

Cannot fault the service and would highly recommend.